Unexpected behavior from honeybee SHW component (extra rooms)

The output I expected from the Honeybee SHW component, was 4 rooms each with their own HPWH, and the room itself being the ambient zone for the heater object to use.

When done like so it appears additional rooms are created, though when the rooms are one, by, one given their own hb SHW object: no issues and operates as expected

Am I using the component incorrectly?
Thank you!

Hey @TrevorFedyna,

I’m not familiar with the component, but why are you inputting the rooms as a condition?

Reading about it on the primer I’m assuming that’s a mistake?

I’d guess the data tree output is created beach’s the input types are a mix of list / item access or similar

Hi @charlie.brooker! Sorry about the delay!
I was following the comment in the component:
_condition_: A number for the ambient temperature in which the hot water tank is located [C]. **This can also be a Room in which the tank is located**

Upon taking a bit deeper of a look into the component, I just modified it a bit and it seems to accomplish the task

But my component is breaking the sim so lets see how the day goes :rofl: