Unexpected crash of Rhino and Grasshopper

Hi there,
I have installed the latest ladybug tool but i am experiencing unexpected crash every time i drag a honeybee (energy/ radiance) component to the grasshopper canvas. Any potential trouble shooting method?

I am using rhino 7 and I offloaded my older versions of ladybug/honeybee tools before install the latest version. I have installed openstudio and radiance accordingly


Have you installed antivirus software or are you working on a machine ruled by IT overlords? If so, this post might be the answer:

Thank you Chris. Very helpful insight.
This might be it. I have sentinelOne activated by IT recently.

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I tried to run honeybee on Rhino 5. Although the latest ladybug tools does not support R5, the crash did not happen and the component was able to be load on canvas (with a red error bubble).

I am working with IT to green light Rhino 7 folder and hold that works.

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