Unexpected UTCI output, too many values

Firstly, apologies, new users cannot upload files, so I already have my hands tied.

I have a scenario where I am calculating UTCI using ladybug 1.1.0. I am doing this using EPW>HumanToSky>OutdoorSolarMRT>UTCI where there are 3 points being analyzed, i.e. 3 hourly continuous data collections.

The inputs of the UTCI calculation are:

  1. Air temp - 1 value hourly continuous data
  2. MRT - 3 values of hourly continuous (1 for each of the 3 points)
  3. Rel Humidity - 1 value hourly continuous data
  4. Wind velocity - 3 values of hourly continuous (1 for each of the 3 points)

The output however is unexpectedly 9 locally defined values where I expect 3, one value for each point. I suspect it is doing all combinations of MRT and Velocity.

Is this known/expected?


I did notice some discrepancy between wind speed and MRT, they both should be 3 points, hourly continuous however they look and return slightly different.

Don’t know if this helps narrow down my issue.

Seems I can upload now, here is the rhino, grasshopper, and CSV file

ThermalComfortTest.zip (194.5 KB)

Thanks in advance,

Yes, you get permission to post files after you’ve searched a few posts on the forum (it’s our forum’s immune system against bots).

I don’t think I’m getting your file to run correctly but I’m 99% that you’re just unintentionally experiencing the power of Grasshopper Data Trees. Try flattening the inputs to the component and you’ll probably get an output closer to what you’d expect.

Hi Chris!Thanks for taking a look, I did manage to get this rolling late last night, not 100% sure why it now works but seems to be something to do with the matrix flips, but I dont ask too many questions if it works :smiley:

Thanks! Darren.