Unexpected Window Group Outputs

I have a simple shoebox model for testing different venetian blind configurations. I have two questions/concerns about the simulation output.

  1. The blindState input for visualizing the output requires two values, although I only have one window group. I would expect to provide just one value, since I only have one window group in the model. Also the window group I modeled has 3 states, but I get a out of range error when I enter a ‘2’ to visualize the third state.

  2. In addition to bsdf files representing composite window systems with venetian blinds I have parametric blinds modeled in gh. If I run a simulation with this geometry in the scene I can see the impact in the simulation output, but if I add the parametric geometry to a blind-state it doesn’t show up in the results.

Any ideas?

  1. You only have one window group so each blind state can only have one value. If you want the state to change from 0 to 2 then you should input them as a single list with two items.

  2. I thought I added a warning to mention that extra geometry in blind states is not currently working. It was mainly there to be used for the fifth phase of 5 phase method but didn’t make its way to the workflow.