Unit Conversion

I am using the LB Unit Converter. Great tool. I was wondering if there is a way to specify convert to document units automatically without having to manually select it. thanks!

Thanks! Which “document units” are you trying to convert? All of the components are smart enough to read the Rhino doc units for any geometry that you connect to a Ladybug or Honeybee component. So you can change the units of the geometry easily by using the Rhino “Units” command and then recomputing the Grasshopper canvas.

There’s also a component that converts any data collection to IP if that’s what you are looking for.

I am inputting lengths and distances in both decimal Feet and Decimal inch. I will be using this script on file with document units in both inches and in feet. I was hoping the unit conversion component would be able to auto detect the document units in some way and always convert to that.

Thanks for the explanation I think this is a little too specific for us to make an official component for this case but you can make your own pretty easily. This method in the ladybug-rhino package gives you the conversion to meters. So you can always convert a value from Rhino doc units to meters by pasting a few lines of Python into a GHPython component like so:

from ladybug_rhino.config import conversion_to_meters

if x:
    a = x / conversion_to_meters()