Units Issue (HB-PH to WUFI Passive)

Hi @edpmay

When generating a WUFI Passive model using the new HB-PH components, I am having an issue bringing the units in correctly. I am using Rhino 7, LBTv1.5, HB-PHv1.0 and WUFI Passive v3.2.0.1, on a Windows 11 PC.

The attached example is a simple 100’ x 100’ x 10’ box. My Rhino model units are in inches (1200" x 1200" x 120"). I am able to verify that the model volume (100,000 ft3) and floor area are correct using HB components before exporting to WUFI XML. However, when I open the XML file in WUFI, the Gross Volume is coming in as a value much higher (6,102,374,407 ft3). The floor slab (which should be 10,000 ft2 is listed as 15,500,031 ft2).

I see you have the Rhino units set as inches in the tutorial videos without problems: What am I missing? Thanks for your help!



UnitsTest.gh (30.2 KB)
NewUnitsTest_12_5_23_51_7.xml (24.3 KB)

Hi @molly ,

Sorry for the trouble there. My initial guess is that you just need to update to the latest version of the HB-PH plugin. Just a few weeks ago I fixed a few small bugs in the unit conversion module, so hopefully that will work for you now.

To update your HBPH, all you need to do is download the installer file: -Link- and then just re-run the install script. That should update all the behind-the-scenes bits. Once you reboot Rhino is should ‘just work’ (I hope).

I just tested it on my system, and it appears to be working, so hopefully that recent update fixes the issue for you?

but let me know if you are still having trouble after you update and I can take a look?


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@edpmay Thank you! Updating the install seemed to do the trick. I am now seeing correct volume/sf.

Really appreciate your development of these tools, it is a game-changer to be able to merge the LBT/PH workflows!


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@molly Great! Glad that is working now. And glad to hear you are finding HBPH useful so far!

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