Unknow reason with split floor to Thermal zones

I want to creat thermal zones for a building which is 30m tall and 3m each floor, but what interesting is that when I put the building at different location, something is wrong, especailly when it locates at thecoordinate origin.
Because I am new here, I can only upload the image of workflow and results.
Is there anyone can answer my stupid question?

Hi, @Iris_YY - Try using the LBT plugins instead of the legacy version. That should probably solve the problem.

Thank you for your timely response! mostapha! @mostapha
There is already a new version (LBT 1.5 ) in my grasshopper, but I can’t find the alternative component for “Split2Floors” and “Split2zones”.
Meanwhile, after searching on the “Iscourse”, I got the information that the “Buildingfootprint” component from “Drangonfly” may realize the core-perimeter and floor division, but the output of it is in “Goo” which cannot match the input of “Mass2zones”(need brep).
Also, the gh example from “Hydra” is using the legacy version, so it may be hard for new people to understand the transition and differences between versions. Is there any effective learning resource that can help?
Many thanks!
The best!

Hi @Iris_YY,

The hydra examples are mostly based on the legacy version.
When you download the LBT plugins it comes with a folder called samples.
In this folder you will find a folder with Dragonfly examples.

@Erikbeeren Thank you for your advice !
I’ll check and study that.