Update component error: 'int' object is not iterable

If you try to use the update component for the legacy plugins you will see an error similar to this:

Why is this happening and how can you solve the issue?

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This issue is happening because we have moved the legacy plugin repositories from my personal account to ladybug-tools organization. See here and here. The old links should still work and redirect you to the new repositories but just in case they didn’t work you have the new links.

We wanted to make this move for a long time and now that we have the Hacktoberfest 2019 coming we decided to go ahead and do it.

This change will break the update components as now the name of the downloaded file is different. :persevere: You shouldn’t be worried though as the fix is quite easy.

How to fix it?

Download the updated update components from Hydra. Open the file and set the Boolean to True. The file will update your installation as well as the update_components! :smiley:

Let us know here if you face any issues.


Hi Mostapha,
I have a problem with updating my old files. I could update the components but I don’t see the update file part when I open it in grasshopper (your version on hydra shows this line).
Thank you for your help.

Update file component is next to ladybug_ladybug component in 0 tab. It should not be in the file.

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