Update Components on Canvas


I was working on a project before I installed the new version of HB LB legacy.
After the installation I have this error on the Daylight Analysis

that I did not have before. So an educated guess is because the components in my canvas are not updated.
I used the update components like I show in the picture,

but for what I see it does not update the compoents in the canvas, rather it download the last versions from github.
I remember that in older versions there was a option to do so, to update the components in the canvas.
If I have to do so manually it is gonna take forever, as the file I am working on is rather big, with several connection.

Any insight would be helpful.

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We have broken down the update process into two steps to avoid full download from GitHub for each file update.

The step 1 is what you have done which updates Ladybug and Honeybee installation.

The next step is to update the file using Ladybug’s update_file component.

It will update all the components including the ones from the [+] library to the latest version installed on your laptop.

Thanks @mostapha,

Just to be sure, the one that is marked with the red circle is the old one and the other is the new that I need to use?

Yes. That’s correct. Also in case you don’t know you can use Ctrl + Shift and right click for reconnecting multiple wires.

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