Update ladybug component warning: file is not a zip file

I was trying to update the components used in a GH file using the latest update Ladybug component, and it gave the warning: 1. Solution exception:File is not a zip file

May I ask what might the source of this issue?


… and it seems that both update components cannot update themselves, the following image shows that the version number for both update components are still the old ones as compared the ones on the right which are imported after running the update for the current GH file:


You can get that error if your internet connection is bad and the component fails to download the most recent components from the github. When you try again with a better internet connction, it should work.

Also, you are correct that the component does not update itself. You can imagine that it is difficult for a script to replace itself while it is running. Thankfully, we don’t really make changes to these udpate components (it’s really only to change the date to be the last release).


noted with thanks, Chris!

I’ll try the update components later!