Update LB legacy scripts to LB 1.1.0


I have been using Ladybug legacy and previous versions for a long time and am migrating to LB 1.1.0.

I wonder if there is a quick way to update all my existing scripts to the LB 1.1.0?


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This is a good question, @HAOBOLIU . At the moment, we are prioritizing getting the last of the legacy features into the new LBT plugin (there are a few left that you can see at the end of the initial LBT plugin release notes). But, hopefully for the next LBT release, I’ll add a component to LBT that circles all Legacy components on your canvas and drops the closest thing to an “equivalent” LBT component next to them. Because the changes between Legacy and LBT are significant, you’ll still have to reconnect things manually but I think this automatic circling and dropping will go a long way towards speeding up the update process (I’m sure we’ll end up using it on our end to update the Hydra samples).

Until then, you will have to do all updating completely manually.

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Thanks, Chris!
I fully understand your schedule and look forward to the progress.
All the best.