Updated: Honeybee Freezes and crashes Rhino


I’m just curious if anyone else has experienced issues opening honeybee lately?
Once I drop any honeybee component onto the canvas rhino freezes and soon after crashes.

Update: Originally i assumed this was a problem after installing Eddy3D, but I found a coworker who has not installed Eddy3d, and hers is freezing as well. So it seems to be a honeybee issue.

I found and old discussion on this forum regarding honeybee issues with a firewall. I know my office recently changed firewall settings. Is it possible that this is still an issue?


Same issue here! It seems after an update of my company’s antivirus honeybee components dont work properly. Rhino crashes and closes when adding HB components to the canvas.

Hi @AlexFalcon, is it possible to know which antivirus does your company use? That way we can do a check with all the other similar cases and get to the root of the problem. Thank you for reporting this.

@mostapha sentinel is the antivirus. Our IT team has solved the problem by deactivating the folder where HB is stored so the antivirus won’t check for threats in it and let HB run.

Same here, Sentinel the antivirus software was causing the issue.

Hi @mostapha and @AlexFalcon, I came across the same issue as sentinel causing honeybee freezes. I contacted our IT to dative folders for ladybug tools (C:\Users\username\ladybug_tools) and userobject folder for honeybee component (C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\UserObjects) but it doesn’t solve the problem. Do you mind advising if there are other locations where we should dative sentinel for? Thanks!

Hi @mostapha, @AlexFalcon, and @songx271, I think I’m having a similar antivirus issue also with sentinel. Can you provide specific instructions on what I should tell IT to do because they added the two file paths above that @songx271 mentioned to the exclusion list but I’m still having issues. Thanks!

Hi all !
I also have the same issue, and the antivirus is also Sentinel.
I’l get back on you if I manage to make it work.


It was indeed Sentinel blocking HB and LB tools in Grasshopper.


Hey. Do you know how you turned it off? I’m unable to find any setting in my antivirus

I am struggling with the same issue. Could anyone provide some more instructions on how to solve this issue? I asked IT to exclude the following folders:

Rhino 6,7,8 system and plug-ins folder,
users\AppData\Local\Programs\Python and similar address for grasshopper, Radiance

What else could I try to work around this?

I’m just letting everyone know that this is a known old issue with SentinelOne. Here’s the original discussion with some instructions for how your IT can disable it:

Some of these antivirus software packages: