updateGHFile not working


As for the new release today, i’m trying the updateGHFile. Sadly i’m getting plenty of warnings like this one:

  1. Failed to parse version and date from “Ladybug_Ladybug” component.

And similar like this for all LB components in the canvas.

Have to say that it used to work a while ago. Then it didn’t so i kept using the previous updater.

Any ideas?



Investigating a bit further i can say that the problem happens in line 108:

date = datetime.strptime(date, '%b_%d_%Y')

The date value is not returned. Also the strptime function doesn’t appear as one of the datetime’s.

I’ve installed IronPython 2.7.7. And printing my sys.version i get


Hi Abraham,

Thanks for reporting this. Can you print date on the line before this line and see how it looks like. Chris and I used the component yo update all the Hydra examples and it worked with no issues.


Hi Mostapha,

It prints: JUL_28_2017

And it is printed in Rhino’s command line.

As i said it used to work, months ago, and at some point it stopped. I suspect it was related with uninstalling Python 3.x becouse of problems with the envi-met plugin. There were some instructions how to deal with Ironpython install by (forgot his name) Piacentino.

Also, the datetime doesn’t have the strptime but has a strftime function. But it doesn’t work either.


Hi Abraham, Thanks for checking. Can you try the attached component and share the full error message? Python 3 should not affect IronPython installation.

datetime_bug.gh (2.05 KB)

Hi Mostapha,

It doesn’t likes me:

Runtime error (MissingMemberException): ‘type’ object has no attribute ‘strptime’

As i said i don’t have Python 3 but my ironpython is 2.7.7.

Let’s try time then. Does this work for you?

datetime_bug_2.gh (2.09 KB)

This is what you get:
(2017, 7, 28, 0, 0, 0, 4, 209, -1)


Perfect! Then let me update the component and send it over for testing.

Hi Abraham! Please check the attached file and let me know if it works for you. I will push it to GitHub if it solves the issue.

update_updated.gh (5.97 KB)

Charm Mostapha!!!



Thanks Abraham! Merged (https://github.com/mostaphaRoudsari/ladybug/commit/5c3a8cae1f0b0536…).

Glad that we were able to get this fixed quickly. Thanks, Mostapha!

Thank you Mostapha!!