Updating Butterfly for BlueCore2020


As you might have noticed, BlueCore has thankfully been updated for 2020
(Thank you likely to: Wyldckat)

I’ve noticed that the default Bluecore folder name is different.

What is the best strategy to get Butterfly going with BlueCore2020?
Which version of butterfly has the best chance of working?
Are there any no-wrong-turn instructions for installing?

With Rhino’s new quad-remesh, is there any advantages for doing a real quad remesh, which has there ability to mesh with symmetry?

[Anyway, my minuscule part in all the this was playing matchmaker, which began here:
The Docker people, however will have me killed. P
There were namespace problems with Docker, anyway.]

What I wanted: to do some vehicle body designs, inspired by the late Jim B. from Nasa Ames.

Aside from the folder name issue, I did notice this: https://github.com/ladybug-tools/butterfly/issues/250

Hi @BrendaEM Butterfly latest Version is 0.0.03 which only support blueCFD-Core 2017.

This issue is about old version of OpenFOAM not for blueCFD-core.

So, pleast use blueCFD-core 2017 for butterfly Version 0.0.03.

Minggangyin, Thank you for the reply,

I don’t understand. People were using Butterfly .05 . It would seem that there changes on github beyond that. Though, some of the early examples cases are incomparable with .05.

Except for SnappyHexMesh, OpenFoam has changed little in the last decade. AFAIK, some of the oldest cases will still run. Hoping that this thread is about moving forward, somehow.

I am going to download the old Blue, check the folder name, and reinstall under that name. Apparently the version must be set elsewhere in Butterfly.

If I can get it working enough to experiment with it, I want to take some time, and try to figure out how it works enough to add moving walls for automotive CFD, and perhaps boats. Car people would love this. If I can get this going a little, I want to make an simple windtunnel case for people to do their car designs.

AFAIK, a moving wall only needs a velocity vector, something like this:

[A long time ago, I had written OpenFoam cases by hand, but when they instituted SnappyHexMesh, I got lost. Beyond the old mesh conversion, which was “badness” hell, I found SnappyHexMesh fairly complicated to take on as a per-case thing.]

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Hi @BrendaEM, I am curious if you managed to successfully run the latest bluecfd build with butterfly?

Would be grateful if you could share your experiences…