Urban canyon net radiation balance

Hello everyone,

I am trying to simulate the net radiation balance Q* of a street canyon for a specific hour of a day at the top of the street canyon as:

Q* = K* + L* = K_down - K_up + L_down - L_up
with K being shortwave radiation, L being longwave radiation and asterisk representing net flux.

The K* part (I believe) I have covered and it is working fine in the definition using a Point in time grid based recipe, but I am now struggling with the L* part and I don’t really have an idea how to start.

I am aiming to calculate the longwave energy balance analog to the shortwave energy balance using the same grid, but don’t know which HB EP component should be used.

Maybe someone has an idea here.
Thanks for your help,

Preparation_street_canyon_balance.gh (174.4 KB)