Urban Microclimate_UTCI is present ONE colour.. what is the problem?

Hi guys,
I am tried to analysis outdoor microclimate analysis. ( I used Hydra GH)
but somehow it shows only one color…


I want to expect more like various color spectruem.

what is a problem?

Urban_Microclimate_-_Simple_Spatial_UTCI_daegu.gh (464.7 KB)

Hi, I have seen your GH. The four input parameters of UTCI component (dry bulb temperature, radiation, wind speed, relative humidity) are all fixed values (they are all the values you have screened), so there is only one output result of UTCI component, and the corresponding display color is only one.But I don’t know how to solve this problem.Another point is that the “buidings” connected by" context shading "in the SAT component do not affect the result. Why?