Urban scale building energy modelling

Dear Ladybug community,

I would like to build an energy model of a whole neighborhood in order to define the heat demand and potential reduction when applying different insulation measures and/or HVAC systems.
The input data available is the building envelope that I can easily split into several floors with functions. It’s also possible to extract information on the Window to wall ratio for each building.
One unknown input is the division of the floors into rooms. I wonder what would be the best approach to approximate this parameter. Would you have any advice on this?
Would the component “Split Floor2Thermal Zones” be a help in that matter?

Thank you!

Using the Dragonfly tab of the LBT plugin is the best way to create models at the district scale. Check out the dragonfly sample files that are distributed with the Food4Rhino release to see several possible workflows, whether you are starting from building footprints, building solids, or room floor plates.