Urban weather generator (UWG) from dragon fly

Hello I watched this video (# Dragonfly : Modeling Urban Heat Island with the UWG) and was very useful really thanks so much. However, I followed the same step and input the same building height as you do (@4, 3:01’ in the video. But the running failed. It explains that “story must have at least one Room 2D.” Do you know how to fix this problem?

What were your Rhino model units? For that tutorial video, my Rhino document was in meters.

Thanks, chris.
However, when I input the building program followed your guidance in the video. The building program cannot work. See the picture below. It said: solution exception:"LargeOffice” was not found in the program type library.

That’s because you are using a very old version of the plugin before blended whole-building building program types were available. Upgrade to LBT 1.6 and what you have there should work.

Also, there’s no need for that Legacy “Dragonfly Dragonfly” component when you are working with LBT components.