Urbanopt doesn't detect my mapper

I’m using an OpenStudio measure as a mapper in a Urbanopt Dragonfly simulation, but I’m having trouble getting it to assign a specific value from the measure to each building. My “mapper_measure” file looks like this:

“option” is the variable in the measure that I modify for each building. When I run the simulation, I get the following error:

I’m not sure if I need to modify the measure to make it work as a mapper or what the issue might be. I’ve attached a screenshot of the Grasshopper canvas where you can see how I’ve applied the mapper.

Thank you very much for the help.

A clarification, this has been happening to me since the latest update that moved to UrbanOpt 0.10.0. Although it’s not entirely related, it might also be influenced by the Ladybug update, since on one computer I have an older version and when I run simulations in the cloud (using Honeybee, not UrbanOpt), it works perfectly. However, when I run the same recipe from the computer with the newer version, it results in more buildings with errors that are not simulated.

It may not be detecting the option for each feature correctly. What I’m not sure about is whether I have to create a property in the GeoJSON with the value that each mapper should have (which would defeat the purpose of Grasshopper), or if there’s some issue with the mapper component.

@chris is it possible that the meassure tbd is not prepared for ‘load mapper’? I don’t understand if it was an older problem that I had but Urbanopt applied the same measure for each building or it is a problem related with some new version of urbanopt, openstudio, ladybug

Hey @Batiste ,

Sorry for the late response here. I just tested this sample file, which uses mapper measures to add electric vehicle charging and it ran successfully.

I am similarly using URBANopt 0.10.0, which uses OpenStudio 3.6.1.

I assume the issue is with the TBD measure. Are you using a version of the measure that is compatible with OpenStudio 3.6.1?

I will try to test the TBD measure myself when I get the chance.

Hey @chris ,

Thank you for your response.

I’ve solved the problem. It had nothing to do with the versions. The issue was with a component I had created to sort the features in the GeoJSON before reaching the ‘RunURBANopt’ component. This new component creates a modified GeoJSON, and this modified GeoJSON wasn’t well formatted and didn’t have the proper GeoJSON structure. I had to add an “indent=4” when saving the GeoJSON to solve the problem. With this adjustment, I am now able to run URBANopt correctly.

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