UrbanOpt_ Dragonfly

Hi all. I have been working and making myself accustomed to new plugin which is much faster,advanced and reliable than its predecessor. I came across a component named UrbanOpt in Dragonfly. I followed the steps as hinted on the component to install. But I was not successful installing that. Can anyone guide me how to make use of that with an example file.

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Hi @Asisnath ,

Thanks for the words of support for the new plugin.

NREL has released an executable installer for URBANopt, which makes the process 100 times easier than before. All you should have to do is run that executable installer and dragonfly should work with it out of the box.

FYI, you’ll see in the release notes that URBANopt supports parallel simulation of buildings (without district systems) at the moment.

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Thank you for the update on the installer. Congratulations to you and the whole team for the new release. Time for some advanved exploration @chris.:grinning:


Hi @chris,
By chance you know the installer link? From the above link thy have a wrong ling to it.

Hi @AbrahamYezioro. The link is working properly. You need to click on .exe file as the image attached below for your reference.

or you can directly go to the download page here

You are right @Asisnath.
My problem was that my browser was blocking the site. After your comment i unblocked it and is fine now.

Glad it’s all working. I realize that they make you jump though a few pages to get the actual exe.

Hi Araham,
Would you please let me know how did you unblock the site? I think I am encountering the same problem.
There is only one line of


appearing and no reaction when I further click on it.
Your help is much appreciated.

I use Firefox with NoScript add-n The add-on blocks some sites (luckily). If you want to unblock you need to look for the icon on the top and select “Trust this site” or something like this.

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are there example files available for UrbanOpt via Dragonfly?

Sorry for the late response @josh.greenfield . The from_building_solids.gh sample file that downloads with the Food4Rhino installer includes an end-to-end URBANopt workflow.