URBANOpt HVAC is not working after version up to 1.4.3

Hi everyone,

I am using URBANOpt with dragonfly and encountered weird situation.

The thing is that I cannot model the HVAC system after update using LB versioner.
I think it is so wiered because the energy usage is totally gone for heating and cooling so the overall energy demand tends to be really low.

I am wondering this issue is only for the specific types of HVAC but the thing is that I really need the type of HVAC I am using now.

Please someone review the file and let me know how it goes!! Thanks!!!
from_building_footprints_junoh.gh (122.0 KB)

Sorry for the late response, @Junoh . I will have a look later today. It looks like you are assigning the HVAC correctly.

Are you sure that you are setting _conditioned_ to True when you first create the Dragonfly Buildings (or Room2Ds)?

Also, what version of URBANopt are you using?

I did set conditioned to True and the version is URBANoptCLI_0.7.1.

Thanks for reply!!

Hey @Junoh ,

This was the result of a bug that was accidentally introduced 4 days ago into the latest development version of the plugin but I just pushed half of a fix for it yesterday and I just pushed the rest of the fix right now. So, if you run the LB Versioner again in ~30 minutes, you’ll be able to simulate your model without issues.

The bug only affected the Heating/Cooling HVAC templates and none of the other HVAC templates were affected.

Thanks for reporting the bug, @Junoh .

Hi @chris ,
Thank you so much for solving this issue!! I’ll run the LB versioner again!!

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