URBANopt Simulation on Mac - The URBANopt simulation failed to run. No results were found at:[Somewhere]

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Hi I am Junoh who is using macOS Monterey. In my mac, urbanopt and dragonfly just are not working.
Could anyone let me know what is the problem???


Hey @Junoh ,

I’ll admit that I really haven’t been able to test the URBANopt workflows on Mac as much as I would like. Can you show me what the folder looks like with your GeoJSON so that I can see how far the process got?

Hi Chris,

It looks like this… I think the sh file does not working well…


Thanks @Junoh ,

It looks like we were able to create the scenario CSV but something is going wrong in the simulation. Can you execute the run_simulation.sh from command line and paste the full error log?

That would probably give me the info I need to fix it. Or at least to diagnose the problem.

I did and it shows that ‘-r’ is unknown argument.

Thanks :smiley:

Excellent! Thank you @Junoh . I think I have found the problem.

This -r must have been a relic from an older version of URBANopt. I think I have found this issue on this line of code:

…and I’m pushing a fix now. I’ll let you know when there’s something to test.

Ok, I merged a fix into the code base:

Give our continuous integration system ~20 minutes or so to run all of its tests. Then, you can run the LB Versioner component to get the fix on your end and then restart Rhino. Hopefully, this is all that’s needed to get this fix.

Let us know how it goes :crossed_fingers:

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Dear Chris,

Thank you so much!!!

but the thing is that now it shows the result of


for your information,

I did something with uo --help and it showed like this

I kind of solved this problem!! I changed .sh file like this and it works!!

Thanks @Junoh ,

I see where I went wrong. I guess the -r was replaced with the word run at some point and I was meant to replace -r with run. Not delete it.

I’ll push a fix first thing tomorrow. Thanks for getting to the bottom of this.

Hey @Junoh ,

I just merged a fix into the code base that uses the correct command on Mac:

The next time that you run the Versioner and restart Rhino, everything should work from Grasshopper and you shouldn’t have a need to run the .sh file from command line.

Thanks again for reporting the issue and for testing this all. It was very helpful to see the command line messages and, without that, this would have taken MUCH longer to fix.

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Hey @chris ,
thank you so much for the correction, and I am glad that I can help you.
I tried it and it worked well.
Thanks again!!

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