URGENT: Can Ladybug Tools be installed in Program Files - OR - can we get digital certificates for ALL exe files?

IT is springing this thing on us this week where they are blocking all exe files that are not in the Windows or Program Files directories…

Is it possible to install Ladybug Tools in either of those directories, and will the one-click installer facilitate this? How will this affect our ability to also have the legacy tools installed?

For programs that can’t be installed in those directories, IT needs “digital certificates” for each of the exe files, but I can see there are like 200 of them in C:\Users[user.name]\ladybug_tools…

Hi @MaxMarschall, digital certificate for those exe files will be challenging. The first option is something that we have been thinking to implement for the single click installer. @chris, this is another reason to consider that option as we discussed today.

I can confirm that the current single click installer that we sell allows you to install the ladybug_tools folder (including all of the engines and core libraries) in Program Files and everything will work. So that capability is already supported and doesn’t require what we discussed today, @mostapha .

I agree that digital certificates are challenging and would take us some time.

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