Use simulation results without running the script for the second time


If I ran a script with Honeybee[+], how can I use the results without running the script again? I closed the file and now, a couple days later, I would like to use the results and open them again in the script without run the model again. I saw the already existing topic below, but I am still unable to do it for my situation.

I have multiple .ill files, but don’t understand how to merge/arrange on the same way in case I I would run the script again.

The link below contains my simulation results:

The file below contains the script:

Reusing the results without running the script again could safe me much time.

Kind regards,

Kim Bodde

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Hi Kim,

If you want to do that out of HB tools, you should use some small scripts (in python or … ) with csv-readers, plus have a better understanding of the generated ill files and the folder structure ( @mostapha Unfortunately the link doesn’t work …

Basically for each window group that you defined, you have one ill file for clear state (…default.ill) and one (or more) for your shading state(s). Check how you named them in your gh. (start with a simple model… )

Forget the files below (you don’t need them for post processing):

If you take a look into the individual ill file, you see part of the header lines as below:

Applied 1x3 matrix transform

The NROWS shows the number of sensor points and NCOLS shows the TIME (hour of year). So based on your time (e.g. HOY=400) if you pick the value form 400th column and 1st line, this is the contribution of that specific window(+shade) into the illumance value (lx) on the first sensor point.

If your sensor point gets light from 2 windows (or more), you should pick the values correctly, and just add them up to get the total illuminance on that point, on that time, for that specific shading state/combination.

Good luck,

If you know how to use the rmtxop command, there is an easy way:
rmtxop results/Window1.ill + results/Window2.ill +
… + results/WindowN.ill > Total.ill

Thank you for the information.
I am not familiair with the rmtxop command, but I will try to figure it out!