Using an HDR image generated by ClimateStudio for HB-glare analysis

How can I use an HDR image generated by ClimateStudio for calculating DGP with “HB-Glare Analysis”?
Does the image always have to be generated by the HB-Daylight simulation components?

This is the CS workflow template for radiance rendering:

and these are the errors I receive when connecting the HDR path to the HB-GlareAnalysis:

Thank you in advance.

Hi @nasim,

The glare component reads the Radiance header of the HDR image, which might be the reason why it fails. I don’t what the header looks like in ClimateStudio, so you would have to share the HDR image.

sure, files are attached,
when I use the hdr extension in CS to generate one, it shows the file as an hdr in the folder but now its extension is png
I’m confused! (610.6 KB)

Hi @nasim,

I am not experienced with the CS plugin in Grasshopper so I can’t help with this issue.

I also don’t have CS installed, so I can’t run your Grasshopper file. You have to share just the HDR file if possible.

I thought that image was an HDR file until I uploaded here,
Now I figured it is not even an hdr file.
I don’t have anything else to share.

Now I guess I have to fix the problem with CS first,

Thank you for your time.