Using both honeybee legacy 0.0.66 and honeybee 1.3 in the same machine

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I wonder if it is possible to use the Honeybee legacy version and honeybee 1.3, does anybody has done it?

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Yes, it is possible. They can’t be mixed but can be used independently from each other.

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Thank you for your quick response.
I have created an independent Grasshopper file with a very simple script and I get the same error.
Honeybee flies without problem but Energyplus and OS report an error.
Do you know how this can be fixed?


You better stick with the OS component rather than using the E+'s.
You can search the PINVOKE error in this forum. It was reported plenty of times, with plenty responses of how to fix it (@chris 's responses).
My bet is that you are using an “incorrect” E+ or OS version. Last OS version Legacy support is 2.9.


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Hi Abraham,

As you recommend the following combination did the job:
Last Ladybug/Honeybee versions 0.0.69 and 0.0.66 respectively alongside OS 2.9.1.
Performing the simulation with Open Studio engine and only using legacy components in the script.

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