Using downloaded EPW files in 'Honeybee_Export To Open Studio' component

I am trying to use a downloaded WeatherShift climate file for an energy simulation using ‘Honeybee_Export To Open Studio’ but the component does not accept input from the “Ladybug_Open EPW Weather File”. I have moved the weather file to C:\ladybug to avoid any white space in the folder name.

Is there a different way to use downloaded weather files?

Thank you,

Error message:
Current document units is in Meters
Conversion to Meters will be applied = 1.000
Current working directory is set to: c:\ladybug\unnamed\OpenStudio
Runtime error (ApplicationException): C:\Users\jenkins\git\OpenStudio\openstudiocore\src\utilities\filetypes\EpwFile.cpp@2726 : EpwFile ‘C:/ladybug/IND_Ahmedabad.426470_IWEC-v2.0-Ahmadabad-India-rcp45-50%-2026-2045.epw’ cannot be processed

line 251, in setSite, “”
line 5417, in main, “”
line 5677, in script

Hi,@aditia The epw file path has % symbol which is not supported by OpenStudio. You should rename the file name.

Thank you @minggangyin, I tried doing that but it still doesn’t work, unfortunately. Is there a different way to connect the epw file to the Honeybee component?

Try a different/standard EPW. Both files that you used were: The first has faulty characters as @minggangyin mentioned. The second is not a standard one, as i see from the name.

Thank you @AbrahamYezioro! Both the files are the same actually, I simplified the name to minimize the symbols and characters. I downloaded the file from WeatherShift - the original name is ‘IND_Ahmedabad.426470_IWEC-v2.0-Ahmadabad-India-rcp45-50%-2026-2045’. I thought removing all symbols and characters might help.

I am trying to use future climate files - so I generated a morphed file using the CCWorldWeatherGenerator and got a file named ‘IND_AHMEDABAD_HadCM3-A2-2050’ (after removing the special characters). It has an error that says ‘Can’t find ddy file next to epw’ (image attached)

Present climate files - I also tried using a TMYx file downloaded from Climate One Building, called ‘IND_GJ_Ahmedabad.Intl.AP.426470_TMYx.2004-2018’ and that works well. (image attached)

I am guessing there is some information missing in both the future climate files (WeatherShift and the CCWorldWeatherGenerator). Thank you for your help!