Using honeybee calculate room heating cooling demand and ventilation heating cooling demand

I want to make a calculation for building energy and get results of space heating/cooling demand separate with ventilation heating/cooling demand.

In AHU, supply air temperature is going to be set as 19 degrees. Should I use Idea air loads or other model. if I use other model there will be COP settings. For energy demand calculation, I don’t need to use COP.

in Honeybee EP read result, which one I can get ventilation heating and cooling energy separately?
I tried to use Fan coil units+DOAS, so I got some result in fan-electricity, but how can I separate which part is for heating coil and which part is for cooling coil.

Last question. if I set COP to one, should the heating/cooling from Honeybee EP result be building heating/cooling demand?

here is the (588.0 KB)

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