Using imported .epw in revit systems analysis

Hi. I’m trying to import .epw data (.TRY and .DSY) into revit to use the systems analysis tool. In a few webinars, it’s been mentioned that this can be done with custom workflows involving dynamo, but information on this is extremely sparse. I’m aware ladybug allows .epw import, but can I then use this within revit’s systems analysis? If so, can anyone tell me how?

Is there another, easier way or am I better off just trying to export my model into openstudio and use that instead?

The purpose of this is to test a building against 2050 and 2070 climate projections.

I’m afraid I’m a complete beginner at dynamo, as I kind of assumed this would be a feature in Revit already. Any help would be hugely appreciated.

Note: to anyone noticing this is a double-post from the dynamo and revit MEP forums, sorry! I’m rapidly running out of time to get this project finished.