Using +S2 method on Honeybee_Generate Cumulative Sky (genCumSky)?


I am trying to use the +S2 method to generate a cumulative sky.

I can edit the _cumulativeSky.bat file to use an +s2 and rerun the .bat file. However, I am not able to regenerate the .sky.

What would be the best way to proceed? can I edit the .ghuser file to use generate the +s2 bat file? can I just run the part of .ghuser script that generates the skyfile?

Thanks, any comments are welcomed. (217 KB) (277 KB)

Open ladybug_ladybug component and change this line. Then press F5 and close ladybug_ladybug. Until the next time that you drop the original ladybug_ladybug to the canvas, the component will generate the sky with +s2.

Thank you Mostapha, just what I need it.

Hi Mostapha,

The link provided on Github for the paper related to this discussion no longer works. Can you verify if the attached paper in this message is that same paper please?



PLEA2004_RobinsonAndStone.pdf (602 KB)