Using the Forum Categories for Grasshopper Plugin Questions

Hello All,

I’m put together this short guide since we recently renamed some of the categories to make it clear which topics are about the new Ladybug Tools Plugin and which ones are about the Legacy Plugin.

Ladybug Tools Plugin Categories

Any questions on the new Ladybug Tools Plugin for Grasshopper should go to one of the following:

  • ladybug - for all questions about (LBT) Ladybug
  • honeybee - for all questions about (LBT) Honeybee, HB-Energy, and HB-Radiance
  • dragonfly - for all questions about (LBT) Dragonfly

Legacy Plugin Categories

Any questions on the Legacy plugins for Grasshopper should go into one of these two categories:

Other Grasshopper Plugin Categories

There are some plugins that don’t fit neatly into LBT or Legacy. We will be working on integrating a lot of these plugins’ features into the LBT plugin but, for the foreseeable future, they still get their own separate categories:

  • honeybee[+] - for questions specific to Honeybee[+] 0.0.06
  • ironbug - for all questions on IronBug
  • butterfly - for all questions on Butterfly
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