Using WeatherShift files in v1.1

Two questions related to using downloaded files in LBT v1.1:

  1. Will the ‘Open EPW’ component that existed in Legacy be added to v1.1? I understand that you can still bring in an EPW file by connecting a file path to the ‘Import EPW’ component, but ‘Open EPW’ made this process more streamlined.

  2. I have some FMY files that were downloaded from WeatherShift that have worked in Legacy but gives me an error when I connect them in the same way in v1.1. Error is: “1.Solution exception:invalid literal for int() with base 10;”. See screenshots below. I’ve also included a link to a WeatherShift file that has worked in Legacy as an example. Any ideas of how to troubleshoot this?

Below: WeatherShift file path going into Legacy ‘Import EPW’ component:

Below: Same WeatherShift file path going into v1.1 ‘Import EPW’ component. A DOE weather file path works fine:

This is a Dropbox link to the WeatherShift file example:

Thank you!

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I don’t know if you found the answer to this, but for the future, the first step for me was to remove “%” from the WS epw name (I think either ladybug or EP doesn’t like special characters) . The second was to run the epw through the “Weather Statistics and Conversion” EP program which you can find in the EP version folder if you download from the website. Just convert the epw to EnergyPlus EPW.
Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the solution, @jgbrear . I’ll also add that the “Weather Statistics and Conversion” EP program will probably work for a lot of EPWs that aren’t following the EPW schema correctly.

@molly ,
Sorry for responding to this so late but we don’t have plans to add an “Open EPW” component because you can get literally the same interface by right-clicking on a native Grasshopper “File Path” component and selecting “Select one existing file”.