UTCI and clothing levels

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Is there a way to account for clothing levels within UTCI outdoor comfort calculation in honeybee?

I can see clothing absorptivity in the below component, but not clothing levels. Is clothing level something built in the calculation of UTCI itself, if so how does it work?

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Citing the UTCI website:

“Universal Thermal Climate Index” (working title) shall be developed satisfying the following requirements:
-. independent of person’s characteristics (age, gender, specific activities and clothing etc.).


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Thanks for this @AbrahamYezioro. I will try to have a further read through the UTCI website.

I saw this image below about UTCI and looks like there is a clothing model coming into the equation, but not sure how is that done.

Hi @chris

would you be able to explain to me please how the clothing model was taken into account in Honeybee_Outdoor_Comfort Analysis recipe component for UTCI?

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@Farah.H ,

Just search the other UTCI discussions on the forum:

I would also point you towards the most recent SDK documentation on the UTCI model in the ladybug_comfort Python package, which includes links to the source code that outputs the UTCI values (aka. the 200-term polynomial approximation):

The clothing model obviously isn’t explicit in the polynomial approximation but it was used in the original Fiala human energy balance data set that was used to derive the polynomial.

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