UTCI Annual Simulation Runtime

Hi All,
logs.log (824.3 KB)

I am running an Annual UTCI calculation for a test surface with around 1000 points. The simulation started yesterday at 9PM and it is going to be 24 hours since then. My simulation is still running and I am wondering, if there is any way to check when it will complete or the progress of the simulation like a time step or current sun hours/month?

The log file also says “There are no more tasks to run at this time” and this stays on for quite a while.

Any help is appreciated? I have attached the latest log file here.

Thank you in advance.

Hey @Samyuktha94 . That’s not a really big number of test points so I’m guessing that your calculation is taking a while because of your Radiance parameters. If you run the HB Visualize Recipe Execution, it will give you a visualization of the recipe steps executing in your browser while it runs. You have to refresh your browser to see the current progress but it’s probably the best way we have at the moment to track the progress.

Hi Chris, thank you so much for your response. I figured out the issue was with my inputs and HB model. I was running annual simulation with 8760 values from epw file given as input for wind speed. When I disconnected that, it worked fine. One more issue was the circular column component in my model. When I changed it to an Octagon, the annual simulation finished running in 10 minutes.

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