UTCI Calculation

@mostapha and @chris I would like to confirm that I am following the right track to calculate the Universal Thermal Climate Index (UTCI). I have incorporated the necessary data inputs such as the model, EnergyPlus Weather (EPW) file, and Design Day data (DDY). The data required for wind speed was extracted from the EPW file, and I multiplied it by 1.5 to account for the specific urban conditions. The solar radiance was adjusted as shown in the attached JPEG file. Finally, I made adjustments to the solar body parameters to ensure optimal reception of the maximum shortwave radiation.

Hi @Tarekkamel_1988 ,

What you’re doing with the wind speed there seems a little odd but I guess you have some reason to believe the wind speed is faster than an open field at an airport, which is what I am guessing your EPW is from. Are you on open water or somewhere with fewer obstructions? Also, the Ladybug DataCollections cannot be used with the native Grasshopper multiplication component like that. You’ll need to use the LB Arithmetic Operation component if you want to multiple a data collection by a factor.

Everything else looks pretty reasonable, though you might be missing out on some things by not using any solar reflections, which is what -ab 1 implies.