UTCI_HB Zones_Closed Volume

DPM-site-rhino5_04_utci.3dm (809.5 KB) utci_TRIAL.gh (697.1 KB) Dear all,

I’m trying to calculate UTCI for an urban area in Abu Dhabi but unfortunately, I’m in trouble with the Honeybee Zone component (as usual!). Anyone can help me with file? I’ve already checked it many times but I was not able to find the error with the closed volume.

Thanks in advance.

AngeloDPM-site-rhino5_04_utci.3dm (809.5 KB) utci_TRIAL.gh (697.1 KB)

  1. Update all your components to latest version.
  2. Create a closed volume and assign the roof of the volume as grass the way you are trying to do

Hey @devang, thanks for helping me.

Ok for the point 1. About the second one, I don’t get why the volume is not closed as I’ve already modeled it…where is the error?


This is where the error is


Yes, I know. But why the HB Zones together are not a closed volume? I understand the error but no the reason why as I modeled are not representing a closed volume.


Hi @angelo.figliola !
I think the problem is that you have hole for building footprints?
If I connect your ground box then it works, but when I connect the “asphalt” I get the error because of the holes I think

@devang @chris
Hey @ae, happy to hear from you!

As you can see from the image and the files attached, the volume seems to be closed! Any ideas?


DPM-site-rhino5_04_utci_01.3dm (719.7 KB) utci_TRIAL_01.gh (709.6 KB)

I think I have found the error :slight_smile:
The surfaces are not on the same height, there is slight Z difference

Update - now this works:

utci_TRIAL_01-up.gh (721.0 KB)

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Hey @ae, thanks for helping!!

Now it’s working but again another error on the energy calculation about “Roof Ceiling”. Any ideas?

Many, many thanks man!

Angeloutci_TRIAL_01-up.gh (709.7 KB)

Hi @angelo.figliola,

What is the error code in your screenshot?
if you update honeybee it should work. I have tested it with another EPW.


Hi @AntonelloDiNunzio, nice to hear from you!

I’ve done the calculation but, as you can see from the screenshot, the recipe is empty. I’m quite sure that all the steps are correct and so I’m not able to recognize where is the problem.


Angeloutci_TRIAL_01-up_02.gh (765.6 KB)

DPM-site-rhino5_04_utci_01.3dm (712.8 KB)

Hi @AntonelloDiNunzio,

Which kind of version of Honeybee have you used?



Hi @angelo.figliola,

I use latest version: Honeybee Legacy 0.0.65.