UTCI in LB1.5 - tree shading make it worse?

Hello, I am trying to run the UTCI recipe in 1.5. Previously I had worked in legacy version and it run no problem. However now I am still keeping weird results. Apart from that unsolved fact that concrete is better than grass (…), I am getting a result that tree shading makes UTCI higher ?!?

utci.3dm (56.0 KB)
utci2.gh (212.0 KB)

I am attaching the script

Hey @ae ,

You put your sensors slightly underneath the ground surface, meaning that you’re effectively evaluating UTCI a few cm below underground. In a place like that, the fact that the ground can’t radiate heat back to the sky beneath the trees tends to make the ground a little warmer.

In any event, move your sensors a meter above ground if you want to evaluate what human subjects are likely to experience. Then your results will make more sense.