UTCI Map Error Restructure Error

Dear All,

I am a new user of ladybug tools, so I do appreciate your support.

I am using UTCI Map but I receive the below error:
1. Solution exception:The recipe failed to run with the following summary:

Scheduled 90 tasks of which:
** 82 ran successfully:*

    • 3 ComputeSphericalViewFactors(…)*
    • 3 ComputeTcp(…)*
    • 1 CopyGridInfo(…)*
    • 1 CopyRedistInfo(…)*
    • 1 CopyResultInfo(…)*
  • …*
    ** 6 failed:*
    • 1 RestructureConditionIntensityResults(…)*
    • 1 RestructureConditionResults(…)*
    • 1 RestructureCspResults(…)*
    • 1 RestructureHspResults(…)*
    • 1 RestructureTcpResults(…)*
  • …*
    ** 2 were left pending, among these:*
    • 2 had failed dependencies:*
  •    - 1 LetUtciComfortMapFly(…)*
  •    - 1 _Main_8559c060Orchestrator(…)*

This progress looks :frowning: because there were failed tasks

Any idea to solve this error

Hi @Alabeeb ,

I know you emailed me your file and I’m just pasting the notes I had so that others can see them if they want to help:

  1. The way that you are modeling the Ground geometry won’t really have a meaningful impact on the simulation since the entire ground is being modeled as a single surface temperature (it has only one roof surface). So you might as well take the default here by removing the ground geometry and just assuming that the ground is at EPW air temperature. If you really needed to model detailed ground surface temperatures, you should break up the “roof” of this ground zone into several sub-surfaces for each area that you’d like to be a different temperature depending on the sun that hits it.

  2. The same note goes for your building geometries. Right now, they’re at the EPW air temperature, which is probably not too far from reality. But, if you want to account for their surface temperature when the sun shines on them, you should model them as HB Rooms instead of HB Shade.

  3. I strongly recommend not trying to load hourly CFD values into Grasshopper since the Grasshopper UI is not really designed to handle millions of numbers being dumped into it. Just write your wind speeds to CSV files once and then use this folder on your machine going forward. In the meantime, I have just disabled the component with thousands of CFD wind speeds in it so that I’m able to open your file. If I had to guess, loading incorrect wind speed matrices is what caused your error above.

  4. Running an entire UTCI simulation for a single hour or a handful of hours is a bit of a waste since there’s so much overhead to each run of the “UTCI Map” component. I recommend running the simulation for the full period of time that you care about (at least a day or a week) and then you can always use the “Visualize Thermal Map” component to get the average across the subset of hours that you care about.

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