UTCI Map error when changing grid size

Hi @chris and everyone.
Now I am trying to run the UTCI map component, but I have realized something when running it. When I choose the Grid size to be 15 in the component "HB Sensor Grid from rooms " the UTCImap runs, however if I make it smaller for example 1 the components fails as you can see in the picture below.

My question would be where does this error come from, is it because of my geometry or something else?
I will attach here the grasshopper file.
simulation 1.3.1.gh (341.9 KB)
Kempten_Durach-hour_aktuellEPW.ddy (732 Bytes)
Unfortunately I cannot upload the .epw file as it says it is too big, so I am putting the link on the drive:

Thank you so much in advance.

I’m not entirely sure why you are studying UTCI for the indoors of these 2-story buildings but the simulation ran ok for me on a beefy laptop with 26 processors and 64 GB of RAM:

If you are going to run a comfort study with almost 40k points, I would similarly recommend using a powerful desktop or our Pollination.Cloud platform. Maybe your machine is running out of memory or processing power at some point. The red balloon on the component will give you some specifics about where the recipe failed for you and the .log file in the following location will tell you all of the gory details: