UTCI Map - SameFileError when same folder set for both EPWtoDDY and RecipeSettings

Hi LBT community,

I think this is one for @chris (hope you don’t mind me tagging you!). When I set the same folder for EPWtoDDY and RecipeSettings I get this error from the UTCIMap component:

  1. Solution exception:‘module’ object has no attribute ‘SameFileError’

Looks like the try except isn’t working, although I’m not familiar with python enough to understand the runtime error.

Hope this is useful - it’s easily worked around by changing one of the two folder paths, so pretty low priority.

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FYI - I tested this on two separate PCs and updated to the latest using the versioner.

Hey @charlie.brooker ,

I’m not sure what else to say except it’s not a good idea to write things to a folder that is going to be edited by means of a simulation. I know the developers of Python have a saying:

If you edit a list while you are iterating over it, then you deserve everything that happens to you.

I think we can probably say something similar here:

If you write files to a folder out of which you are running a simulation, then you’re likely going to hit some problems.

So just use two separate folders for your simulation and your simulation input. Or at least run the simulation in a sub-folder of the main folder.

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That makes a lot of sense, thanks for the advice Chris!

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