UTCI on two surfaces


I am trying to build a script for UTCI in a masterplan. The model includes a a path which splits into two- so you have ground level (0) and then a ramp which goes down (-1)

is there a way I can add the top surface as both a surface and shading context, and the bottom as a surface too? so i can get the utci on all paths for the whole model at once

I tried to run a simpler geometry and assign a free standing elevated surface and the ground surface as ‘multiple surfaces’, but my heatmap came up with the following error:

  1. Solution exception:Expected the number of data set values (750) to align with the number of faces (720) or the number of vertices (775).
    Consider flattening the _values input and using the “Mesh Join” component to join the _mesh input.

I have my values flattened and i tried to add the mesh join but these didnt help.

Would appreciate any help, I think the solution may be doubling my top layer to assign one as a surface and other as shading and running two separate sims, but if i can combine it in one simulation that would be great.
(this is my script)


Try flattening the output of the JoinMesh component. It needs to be a list since the values input in the HeatMap is also a list.

Hi, since UTCI refers to outdoor thermal comfort I’ll mention my question here:
I’m looking for an equation, python script, component, or any simulation tool that calculate the exact amount of longwave radiation of a complex surface of a wall on a human body in outdoor.
To make it clear I need that equation take the human body as an object made of several surfaces attached to each other and all the wall components which have centimeters dimensions as distinct surfaces.
then I wanna calculate the heat map of each these surfaces of wall to meet the exact number of longwave emittance of them.
and after that I wanna see which surfaces of human body absorb longwave radiations emitted from described wall and how much of these radiation would be absorbed based on the distance and position of the human body?

Hey @Hasti
You can look into HB UTCI Comfort map component

yes I did, the problem is this component take the total solar radiation not specific short and longwave I want. Also the heat map of a surface shows an average temperature of surface which is not what i want right now.

You need to check the simulation folder, Mean ShortWave and Long wave Radiation is there as a csv for every hour.

thank you, this ended up working! :slight_smile:
I will try it on my bigger model so hopefully no issues with that