UTCI outdoor comfort LB vs HB


I am a new user
I am trying to analyse the UTCI \ Microclimate map in an outdoor space by using “Honeybee Outdoor Comfort Analysis Recipe” of the legacy of Honeybee.
I compared the results with the temperature I obtained with the analysis done using the component “Outdoor comfort Calculator” of Ladybug.
I cannot understand why I obtain higher values of max UTCI by using Ladybug instead of using Honeybee. With honeybee the max UTCI is 36°C while with ladybug the max UTCI is 41°C.
Someone could help me in understanding the results?

Thank you in advance

Here the file
UTCI_HBvsLB.gh (709.5 KB)

It’s hard to know exactly because the Legacy plugin was not consistent with how it accounted for the body azimuth in the SolarCal model (I think I made all of the comfort maps treat the human subject as facing south without any easy way to change this).

The LBT Plugin has Solar Body Parameters, which can be used to ensure that SolarCal assumptions match between Ladybug components and Honeybee comfort maps. So I recommend running this type of study with the LBT plugin if you are trying to be thorough here.

Also, you should make sure that you match things like ground reflectivity.

Hello Chris,

I installed the new version of LBT Plugin and updated all the script. Now the results match and I understood better the influence of ground reflectivity
Thank you very much for the feedback and the help

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Hi @chris @Lucia, I am also wondering about the differences between UTCI calculations between Honeybee and Ladybug, but as I understand it, the “HB Outdoor Comfort Analysis Recipe” and “LB Outdoor Comfort Calculator” components mentioned above were superseded and are no longer available.

I have found that there are two current components that pertains to UTCI: “HB UTCI Comfort Map” and “LB UTCI Comfort”. Are these perhaps the same components that were updated/consolidated and renamed? And are they meant to be similarly accurate? If so, I expected comparable results but I got wildly different results.

I have carried out an assessment on the same project using both methods and I have found that, for the month of June, the LB assessment gave a range of 34.50-34.96 degrees, whereas the HB assessment gives a range of 34.67-50.07 degrees.

If there is any advice or lesson leaned on this matter it’ll be greatly appreciated!

Hi @yuyangchang,

Can you provide some more information on your inputs and screenshots of your setup?

Both of those ranges seem odd to me - LB is very narrow band and relatively hot. HB is also a relatively narrow band. Are you modelling internal or external comfort