UTCI Polygon - Total Comfort

Hi @chris,
A conceptual question regarding the new UTCI Polygon component. The total_comfort output says:

The percent of the data on the psychrometric chart that are inside all comfort polygons.

As you can see the value here (100%) is way beyond the comfort polygon.

The question is if the polygons that don’t represent comfortable times are considered also as comfort polygons? If so, I’m not sure it is the correct assumption. Probably most of the times, in such a case, you’ll always get 100%, making this output not useful. A better output could be the percentage of time for each polygon. So for each polygon you get name, data and percentage of time.

Makes sense for you?


Thanks for letting me know, @AbrahamYezioro .

I had thought I had fixed this bug before the release but it looks like I forgot to commit it. I just pushed the fix:

… and you should now be able to get it with the LB Versioner.