UWG - DF Typology flr to flr ratio not working properly

Hello there! First post, but I couldn’t help myself on this topic we’ve run into currently in our research.

We are trying to create DF typologies for Urban Weather Generator from AutoCAD solid models, and we would input several breps from the autoCAD model, but we cannot assign the right value to the flr_to_flr parameter.

It only allows us to input a terribly lower than the solid height number, which is unacceptable. This doesn’t happen very often, but I noticed it tends to be more frequent with lower height buildings, no more than 5 meters tall, with considerable footprint.

Any Idea as to Why could this be happening I would deeply appreciate if you could tend to this issue, it’s kinda putting our research severely on hold.

Could it be a problem with the AutoCAD modelling, or the dimensions mayhap?

I’ll share a picture, hope it’s visible enough.

Cheers! hope you’re doing awesome.

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