UWG issues in Dragonfly

Hi Chris,

Following the webinar on Dragonfly, i’m having issues with different weather files. The UWG all the times end with the following error:

Any ideas?

I installed version 9.0 of UWG (tried with 9.2 but it doesn’t work).



Hi again,

using the hydra example i get the above error. Using the workshop file it works ok.

Connecting the UWGCityFromTypology from the workshop into the one of hydra it works also. I’m trying to understand why and where it happens but until now, i don’t get it.

On the same issue but differently, my local EPWs give a lot of “FATAL ERROR” mesages. The calculated epw gives the following error in the importEPW:

Runtime error (ValueErrorException): invalid literal for float(): NaN+NaNi
line 975, in epwDataReader, “<string>”
line 98, in main, “<string>”
line 110, in script

More ideas?