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Dear Ladybug community,
I am working with UWG to obtain dry bulb temperatures, I have modeled the neighborhood and I have run for the summer months.
Now I need to run for winter months and all year, and due to this, some questions arise, concerning vegetation modeling and albedo values.
Does the engine take into consideration that during December or other winter months, the vegetation doesn’t stay the same, since they are modeled for spring and summer months (full grass area and tree full of leaves)?
Moreover, what about the albedo values as far as I know it should be a change in terms of seasons, do I need to change it or does the engine understand this as well?**
I would really appreciate any of your help!
Thank you!

HI @Kristi ,

Yes, it does. This is why the DF Vegetation Parameters component has an input for _start_month_ and _end_month_. By default, these are determined by the months where the average temperature drops below 10C.

No, these don’t change at the moment. It used a constant vegetation albedo for the whole year. If you’re really concerned about this, you can probably find a way to hack it by editing the UWG source code:

Dear Chris,
Thank you very much for your reply and help.
It is very much appreciated!
All the best in your amazing work!

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