Validation Exception for Daylight Model

Hi @chris
Regarding the HB Validate Model component , I am getting a constant traceback error when I run the component. The Daylight model simulates but I suspect it is not accurate as I get different results from my colleagues , even though we use the same script with the same parameters. This has happened across multiple different models
Do you know what could be the error?
Thanks in advance

Hi @surabhisaran ,

Sorry that no one responded to this a year ago but it was out of place in the original discussion so I moved it to a new one. The code has changed quite a lot since the version that you have there but, thanks to the magic of GitHub versioning, I know that this was the exact line that was failing for you a year ago:

So it seems that this was a bug related to Models without any Rooms and it seems like it was fixed 7 months ago:

So just update to LBT 1.8.0 and you should be fine.

Thankyou Chris! We updated to LBT1.8 & this error has disappeared. Much Appreciated!