Ventilation bug about the overwrite the default value as zero

I used the shoe box annual load example for the simulation. I set infilration and ventilation as zero.

But after runnning the simulation and reading SQL file, it showed mechanical ventilation energy. It is a little strange.

So I checked energyplus idf file which showed mechanical ventilation is zero.

Anyone can answer me which step goes wrong?

shoe_box_annual_loads-ventilation (88.3 KB)
in.idf (124.6 KB)
eplustbl.htm (376.8 KB)

Hey @minggangyin ,

What you are seeing there is the “free cooling” that you get from the air side economizer that comes with the default Ideal Air system. If you use the HB Ideal Air component to specify “NoEconomizer” on this ideal air system, you will see that you get the result that you were expecting:

shoe_box_annual_loads-ventilation (70.8 KB)


Hi @chris It is great! It helped me a lot .Thanks for your kindly and detailed answer!!!