Ventilation Rates LBT Honeybee


I am trying to create my own hospital program with honeybee plus. I have set the ach rates for the program as shown below with the schedule set to always on as I wanted to test and make sure it is being simulated correctly. Looking at the energyplus results though the spaces that are set to the 2ach (highlighted in the image below) are not actually getting 2ach of outdoor air, anyone know why this is happening?

You should make sure that ventilation is not controlling by an other component
Foe example maybe this is controlling by temperature that restrict ventilation with outdoor temperature

That’s a good thought, I’ll try to take a look in OpenStudio to see if I see anything like that. If that is the case, do you know how which honeybee component I would use to prevent that from happening? Do you think it will require an Ironbug component?

there are some components for nat. ventilation but the most important is honeybee set ep airflow in legacy version

there is the similar component in lbt version with a similar icon but lower settings

I am pretty sure that this is because the _schedule_ that you have plugged into the Ventilation component is not aligned with whatever EnergyPlus understands as “Occupied Hours.” So the average ACH over these “occupied hours” is less than 2 ACH even though it reaches 2 ACH whenever you have a schedule value of 1. The better way to check this is by looking at one of the timeseries airflow outputs from EnergyPlus and then plotting them on an hourly plot.

I see that you are using an “Always On” schedule. You should just check the timeseries airflow outputs since these aggregated reports sometimes miss a lot of details.

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