Vertical PV: Viewing the Sunpath Shading

Hello everyone,

I have been trying to visualize the sunpath shading for a vertical PV surface. The PhotovolaticSurface component seems to be working properly and outputting a reasonable value for ACenergyPerYear… however, I can’t get the shading visualization to show up under the SunpathShading component. The surface normal is correct. It works fine with a horizontal surface - has anyone else discovered this problem and been able to make it work?

I attached a couple screen shots of what the sunpathshading looks like with a vertical and horizontal PV surface.

Outputs, AC Energy per year (I tested a very small surface which is why the value is so low)

Horizontal: 0.022671 kWh

Vertical: 0.005322 kWh

Thanks in advance for your advice!



Hi Maria,

Can you please attach your .gh and .3dm files?
Thank you.

Absolutely - thanks for your input!

161003 Ladyug Vertical PV.3dm (56.1 KB)
161003 Ladybug Vertical (417 KB)

Hi Maria,

This is a bug with tolerances. The component would work properly if one would angle the vertical surface just tiny little bit (0.1 degrees for example).

Attached below is the fixed version of Sunpath shading component.

The “unofficial” label below it, is just a reminder that this component is still not publicly released through Ladybug github repository.

Thank you for reporting the bug!! This plugin and its components would definitively not be what it is without the support of the users like you!! (527 KB)

Thanks so much for your help with this! That works like a charm.

I’m loving these renewable components in Ladybug! It’s been fun testing them out!

All the best,


Glad to hear that the components are being useful to you Maria.
Let us know if any other issue/question emerge.

Hi djordje and Maria

I have posted on a similar issue about Sunpath Shading visualisation. Can you please send me this updated component?

The link of my post: